«InvestConsulting» – research-consulting company, that is oriented in its activity at provision of wide spectrum of consulting services and equity evaluation services to corporate clients.
   «InvestConsulting» is ceretified expert of National Energy Regulation Comission of Ukraine on financial and economic issues.
   «InvestConsulting» has certificate of evaluation activity subject.
   Wide profeccional abilities of our company cover almost every main field of public life: economic, social, political.
   Company «InvestConsulting» has in its disposal highly qualified personnel, modern information-methodological basis, complex of methods, means and aproaches that are used for solvation of clients’ tasks.
   The proposed services cover wide spectrum of modern consulting and evaluation activity.
   Consulting services – any assistance provided by external consultants in order to solve certain problem.
   Main purpose of consulting - to improve the quality of company’s management, to increase efficiency of its activity.
   At the moment the consultants are being attracted in order to eliminate uncertainty that appears at different stages of process of preparation, approval and implementation of responsible management decisions. There are some ways that could assist clients in solvation of their problems:
 • To reveal the problem and to propose how it could be solved.
 • To assist the client to reveal the problem by himself and to outline how it could be solved.
 • To teach the client how to reveal and to solve problems.
   In practice all three aproaches are usually used in combination and supplement one another. Company «InvestConsulting» has considerable experience in solvation of such tasks in different fields of public life and differect sectors of economics.
 • Individual approach to each client.
 • Strict fulfillment of client’s wishes.
 • Trust relationship, archievment of results of mutual benefit and establishment of long-term partnership.
 • Effective, quick and faultless fulfillment of obligations to the client.
 • Full confidentiality, professional ethics.
   To increase professional level of our clients due to recommendations and information of high quality that provided to them on-time.