The company provides wide spectrum of services in field of modern consulting and evaluation activity.
   We research:
   • Enterprise;
   • Market;
   • Sector;
   • Region;
   • Political sphere;
   • Social sphere;
   • Housing sphere.
   Sectors of research:
   • Fuel-energy complex;
   • Metallurgy;
   • Machine-building;
   • Agricultural sector;
   • Housing complex.
   Administrativive consulting.
   • System economic analysis and strategic planning;
   • Evaluation of management system efficiency;
   • Expert administrative consulting;
   • Information-analitical support of decisions, projects and processes.
   Investment consulting.
   • Analysis of financial and economic activity;
   • Expert evaluation of existing investment projects;
   • Development of investment projects;
   • Development of feasibility studies;
   • Consulting assistance in implementation of investment projects.
   Marketing studies.
   • Market analysis, preparation of analitical reviews;
   • Consumers study;
   • Determination of target market segments;
   • Analysis of main competitors;
   • Evaluation of enterprise’s and its product’s competitive ability;
   • Development of recommendations on positioning of product at the market;
   • Strategic analysis of external marketing environment of entrerprise;
   • Development of sale and price strategies;
   • Perspective studies (evaluation of availability to enter new markets).
   Sectoral and territorial consulting.
   • Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting;
   • System economic analysis of sectors and regions;
   • Analysis of current state and development of integrated social-economic programs of regions’ development;
   • Development of integrated investment programs;
   • Analytical and rating studies and forecasts;
   • Sectoral and territorial monitoring.
   Political consulting.
   • Social-political studies of any difficulty level;
   • Analysis of social-political situation in region, social pressure level;
   • Revelation of more important general regional and local social and political problems;
   • Expert evaluation of relationships level between population and regional or local authorities;
   • Examination and consulting in field of legislative activity.
   Evaluation activity.
   • Evaluation of equity objects including land;
   • Evaluation of machinery, equipment and some kinds of transportation means;
   • Evaluation of motor transport, aircraft, shipping means;
   • Evaluation of integrated equity complexes, shares, stocks, equity rights and intangible assets;
   • Evaluation of rights for intellectual ownership objects.