Oksana Ilchishin (+38 044) 278-**-**
Director, Chief accountant.
   Main activity directions – active administrative and financial management.
   Kiev Politechnical Institute, Faculty of physics and mathematics, specialty - mathematics, information science, computer engineering.
   International institute of management, Specialist of external economic activity, Magister of business admenistration (ĢBĄ).
   • accounting;
   • financial management of enterprise;
   • examinartion of draft laws in tax policy field;
   • projects on improvement of enterprises’ management;
   • expert analysis of investment projects;
   • participance in audit of enterprise.
Tetiana Kovalenko  
   Main activity directions – investment and sectoral consulting, evaluation activity.
   Kiev economic institute, specialty – engineer-economist.
   Doctor of economics, 1977. More than 30 scientific works in field of social and economic studies.
   Big scientific and practical experience in economic field:
   • macroeconomic analysis and forecasting;
   • evaluation activity of different directions;
   • development and supervision on investment projects and feasibility studies;
   • development of complex social-economic programs of regions and sectors development.
Iryna Yavorska  
   Main activity directions in company – administrative and political consulting, marketing studies.
   Kyiv polytechnical institute, specialty – automated control system.
   Doctor of economics, 1991. Author of number of publications in field of macroeconomic forecasting, usage of mathematical methods in studies related to social-economic problems and external economic activity.
   Big experience in field of social-economic studies:
   • expert evaluation in financial-economic field;
   • development of macroeconomic forecasts;
   • expert analysis of legislation basis;
   • development of programs of reforming of executive authorities organizational stracture;
   • development of programs od state regional management improvement óļšąāėåķč˙.
Tetiana Loboda  
   Main activity directions in company – macroeconomic forecasting, administrative and investment consulting, evaluation activity.
   Kiev economic institute, specialty – engineer³-economist.
   Doctor of economics, 1990. Author of numnber of articles in field of system econonomical analysis, macroeconomic modelling and forecasting.
   Big experience of scientific and practical studies in social-economic field:
   • development and implementation of complex strategic planning programs;
   • evaluation of management systems efficiency;
   • economic modelling and forecasting;
   • analysis of financial and economic activity;
   • development of investment programs and feasibility studiesā;
   • activity in field of evaluation.
Tetiana Tsygan  
   Main activity directions in company – territorial and political consulting, information technologies, housing sector, marketing studies.
   Kyiv State University, specialty – economic cybernetics.
   Doctor of technic science, 1984. Authir of more than 30 publications in field of information technologies and social-political studies.
   Big experience in field of social-economic analysis and information technologies:
   • development and implementation of sectoral and regional informatizaion programs;
   • development and supervision on applied information-analytical systems;
   • usage of exper evaluation methods in social-evonomical and social-political analysis;
   • analytical and rating studies and forecasts;
   • development and supervision on projects of active sectoral and territorial monitiring.