Drafting and analysis of bills:
   • Monitoring of bills;
   • Analysis of bills;
   • Drafting of bills and other legal documents;
   • Maintenance of bills in Verhovna Rada of Ukraine and other state bodies;
   • Participation in work groups created by Verhovna Rada of Ukraine or other state bodies for drafting of legal documents.
   Services in Corporate Law field:
   • Establishing of Companies;
   • Drafting of statutory documents;
   • Corporatization and Privatization of state enterprises;
   • Rights and obligations of shareholders, realization procedure and protection;
   • Statutory found, evaluation of property rights, changing of statutory found size;
   • Establishing and management of representatives, daughter enterprises;
   • Securities: emission and circulation;
   • Management in enterprises – general meeting and other corporate bodies;
   • Information disclosure: obligatory and initiative;
   • Dispute of interests.
   Services in the sphere of Financial Law:
   Legal consultations and conclusions on current issues of:
   • Taxation;
   • Settlements;
   • Currency regulation;
   • Bank lending;
   • Services connected with tax regulation and tax planning;
   • Monitoring of changes in Financial and Taxing legislation connected with Client’s activity;
   • Drafting and legal examination of financial and taxing bills;
   • Legal consultation on issues connected with tax planning;
   • Legal conclusions on tax consequences of the different contracts;
   Representation of Client’s interests in courts, arbitral courts, tax offices and other state bodies on issues connected with taxation of Client’s activity
   Legal support of activity of companies, that work in energy sector, and other subjects of economic activity:
   • Written and verbal consultations, development of legal conclusions.