Monthly edition of cognitive, educational and practical nature dedicated to management problems in the wide sense: principles of state management, reformation and restructuring of enterprises, organisational and legal basis of performing business activity, analysis of legislation development prospects, estimation of opportunities for business development in conditions of globalisation and integration of Ukraine to international structures.
The target group of the magazine includes: professional managers, heads of state and commercial institutions, specialists on financial, banking, investment, innovation and project management, consultants in field of management, lecturers and students of economic and juridical higher education institutes.

  • Alexandr Vlasiuk, doctor of economy, professor, First deputy director of National institute for strategic researches.
    Leonid Kistersky, doctor of economy, Director of Institute for international business development.
  • Vladimir Bronnikov, member of Ukrainian Parliament, honoured power engineer of Ukraine, President of Ukrainian nuclear association.
  • Tatiana Efimenko, doctor of economy, professor, Head of State tax administration of Zaporiggya
  • Vladimir Kniazev, doctor of philosophy, professor, honoured scientist of Ukraine, pro-rector of National Academy by the President of Ukraine, Member of presidium of Philosophic association of Ukraine, academician of Ukrainian academy of political sciences, academician of international academy of personnel.
  • Vasiliy Krivulko, First vice-president of Union of scientific and engineering unions of Ukraine, full member and vice-president of Academy of technological sciences of Ukraine, member of International federation of engineering organizations and International union of engineering unions of CIS.
  • Georgy Pocheptsov, doctor of philosophy, professor, head of the Strategic initiatives department of Administration of the President of Ukraine, head of sub-faculty of informational policy of National academy of public administration by the President of Ukraine, honoured journalist of Ukraine.
  • Zoya Timoshenko, doctor of philosophy, professor, the first pro-rector of European University.
  • Vasiliy Treniov, Senior vice-president, First deputy general director of OJSC "Investment-Consulting Group "ROEL Consulting" (Moscow), doctor of technical science, professor, Corresponding Member of Russian academy of natural sciences, member of International academy of management, member of Association of independent directors of Russia.
  • Alexey Obolensky - Deputy Director of the Central Publik Office on relations with Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, doctor of economic science, professor of the sub-faculty of public administration and management.
  • Alexey Kucherenko - Head of the Public Committee of Ukraine for housing, doctor of sociological science.